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It is great pleasure to introduce our company “DNB Asia Pvt. Ltd.” a leading overseas recruitment agency approved by Nepal Government and registered with Nepal Government, Ministry of Labor under license number 433/060-61, has been established with the goal of managing quality service in the field of human resource management and recruitment. For achievement of our goal we are well equipped with modern technology and proud to claim that we have managed by well qualified and dynamic team of personnel, with long standing experience and expertise in recruitment job. And our policy we always keep on upgrading as required. read more..



The mission statement for DNB-Asia is to supply business worldwide, a pool of talented, dedicated workers whether skilled or unskilled. These workers are carefully chosen through a recruitment background check process which covers all areas of our clients concerns such as; verifiable work history, responsibility read more..


Recruiment Procedure

We apply the following procedure for the recruitment of Professionals.

DNB-Asia as a provider of professional recruitment services clearly understands the point of view of both the client as well as the applicants.

Screening of applicants: We maintain short lists compiled over a period and updated regularly, which serve as a source of manpower supply through this and advertising through most widely circulated newspapers and through the network of our agents, we are in a position to cater a wide range of manpower requirements. read more..