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This agreement is made between....................................Hereinafte called the first party) and M/S DNB-Asia Pvt. Ltd. NG License no433/060-61 GPO BOX 331 New Baneshwor Kathmandu Nepal.(herenafter called second party) under the following terms and conditions as on:

  1. The person of persons recruited shall be for the posts as per the demand letter and shall be designated as stated in the demand letter.
  2. The duration of the contract shall be for a period of ………..years, and renewal by mutual agreement.
  3. the person or persons engaged shall be required to perform duties.
  4. One way return air ticket will be provided to workers after completion of the contract.
  5. The salary and the allowances will be stated according to the demand letter.
  6. Overtime shall be paid for extra.
  7. Head allowance shall be provided as per stated in the demand letter and as per company rule.
  8. Free accommodation shall be provided.
  9. Medical and insurance facilities shall be provided. The agent shall undertake to ensure that all applicants selected b y them will fit for the job and shall be guaranteed for a period of 90 days from the date of departure from Nepal .
  10. Incase of death of the recruit during this contract period, the company shall agree to repatriation remains of the deceased along with personal effects and saving at the expenses of the company. Both in case of death and injury, compensation shall be paid according to labour law of the country.

First Party                                                                         Second Party
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Designation:                                                                     Designation:
Company Seal:                                                                  Company Seal:
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